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    KN95 is a standard for dust protection, which is cheap and easy to be adopted by related dust industries. The biggest feature of the KN95 mask is that it can prevent the spread of droplets caused by patients' body fluids or blood splashes. The size of the droplets is 1 to 5 microns in diameter.
    KN95 protect face mask--5ply,
    earloop (latex free), non-sterile,
    1.outer layer: 25gsm PP non-woven fabric
    2. filter layer: 25gsm meltblown fabric 99% BFE
    3.filter layer: 25gsm meltblown fabric 99% BFE
    4. adsorption filter cotton
    5. inner layer: 25gsm skin friendly non-woven fabrics
    size: 21 * 16cm

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