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We are united to resist the big challenge of the Covid-19
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In the past two years, the world has been hit by the worst disaster since 2019 -- COVID-19. People around the world have been devastated by the spread of the virus.In 2021, affected by various factors, raw material prices skyrocketed, transportation was trapped, and freight prices rose. This has led to a wave of pessimism about international trade patterns.In the past year, every foreign trade practitioner wants to know the hardships and difficulties in the future.

HYZMED, as a responsible foreign trade export-oriented company, is still on the front line of fighting the epidemic no matter how difficult the international situation is.Starting in 2020,we have continued to provide medical resource assistance to the international community, and  have successively delivered  protest materials to the United States, Germany, Russia, South Africa, Lebanon, France, Italy, Spain, Peru and other countries ,including masks, monitors, oxygen concentrators, ventilators, isolation suits, protective clothing, testing reagents, ultraviolet disinfection equipment, hospital beds, forehead thermometer, blood oximeters and other urgently needed epidemic materials.

In the late October 2021,Russia was hit hard by the fourth wave of the epidemic,resulting in huge gap in equipment such as oxygen concentrators in Russia.Since the end of October,HYZMED urgently mobilized a large number of oxygen concentrator products to support Russia by air.By mid-November, it has successively transported more than 2,000 oxygen concentrators to Russia.In the early morning of November 19th, HYZMED aid plane to Russia took off from Wuhan and brought the Chinese people's care for Russian friends ,straight to Russia, to help friends far away fight this ruthless COVID-19.

We all get squeezed by difficulties during our days here.How we respond to them, though, is up to us.May you always bring the best from your heart and soul to whatever life may throw at you then.May there be no catastrophes in the world, and that people all over the world can be healthy and safe.

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