FYCX-I Bed Unit Santizer

Technical parameter∶
Power supply: 220V, 50Hz
Power: 380VA
Ozone concentration: ≥1000mg/m3
Ozone leakage: ≥0.2mg/ m3
Working environment conditions: temperature 5℃-40℃
Timer: 1-99min selectable
Humidity: ≤ 80%
Atmospheric pressure: 86Kpa-106Kpa

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Product information

The bed unit santizer uses ozone as the main sterilizing factor, and uses the strong oxidizing power of ozone to kill bacteria. The bed is disinfected by vacuum and ozone filling technology. The machine is mainly composed of ozone generator, air pump, solenoid valve, resolver, controller and sealed bag. Two beds can be disinfected at the same time. According to the investigation by the health department, there are widespread problems in hospitals such as bedding, pillow cores, and mattresses that have been used continuously for a long time and have backward disinfection methods. The popularization and use of this product will play a positive role in improving the disinfection status of hospital bed units and reducing cross-infection in the hospital.

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