FY-30DSI Double-Tube Satinless Steel UV Lamp Trolley with Infrared Sensing

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Product information
Technical parameter∶

1.Tube power:≥30W×2 
2. Number of tubes:2
3. Applicable static area∶≥30m²
4. Voltage:220V±10%, Frequency:50Hz±10% 
5. Input power:80VA 
6. UV wavelength:253.7nm
7. Iradiance:≥107uw/cm2(Single tube)
8. It is movable and foldable, the tube could be concealed inside,and adjusted to various angles:30°,60°,90°,135°,180°
9. It is equipped with a timer equipment with the time limitation of 0-1440min. 
10.During the sterilization, if a person or an animal breaks into the room,the lamp will be alarmed and off,automatically open left. 
11. It with time lag function.

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