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Mobile negative-pressure inflatable medical tent is combined by temporary moveable house , which is independently developed, designed and produced by our company during the epidemic. As a "mobile cabin hospital", it has the advantages of convenience, efficiency, spacious internal space and good transparency. It can not only provides patients a good placement environment, but also has good privacy, which is very suitable for the placement and treatment of mild patients.

1. Regular Size: L 8.3m x W6.3m x H3.5m • 
2. Tent material: PVC and thermal insulation layer, water proof, has EN71, REACH and ROHS test report, meet the environmental protection requirements.
3. Including: Inflatable tent , Pump , Repair kits , Primary air system with filtration system. and necessary tube
4. Optional equipment : Air conditioner
5. Gross weight: 330 kgs, 
6. Packing size: 2.35CMB
7. Unit price: RMB tax-included price 111500
8. Production time: 20 days
9.Production standard: GB / T 37219-2018
10.Strength: By using of our subsidiary’s patent anchor, the product’s ultimate resistance to the wind speed up to 74km/h
11. Adopt  fresh air system, dust-free ward, high efficiency filtration 99.99%; 
12. It is airtight, the negative pressure ward, the contaminated air is sterilized and disinfected by activated carbon and ultraviolet light, and the air is eliminated without pollution.
13. Equipped with hot and cold air conditioning, constant temperature and humidity. 24 ℃ ± 2 ℃
14. Removable and easy to disassemble
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