HYZ-300A Electrosurgical Generator

1.Operating ambient temperature:5℃-40℃ 2.Relative humidity range:≤80% 3.Atmosphere pressure range:86.0-106.0Kpa
4.Working modes:
  a.Pure cut:1w-100w(Load 500Ω)
  b.Blend 1:1w-200w(Load 500Ω)
  c.Blend 2:1w-150w(Load 500Ω)
  d.Coagulation 1(Contact coag): 1w-120w(Load 500Ω)
  e.Coagulation 2(Soft coag):1w-150w(Load 500Ω)
  f.Coagulation 3(Spray coag): 1w-120w(Load 500Ω)
  g.Bipolar 1: 1w-150w(Load 100Ω)

  h.Bipolar 2(Auto mode):1w-120w(Load 100Ω)

5.Technology data:
  a.Power supply:220V/110V 50Hz/60Hz
  b.Operating frequency:357KHz-575KHz
  c.Leakage currents to ground:Less than 0.5ma
  d.Leakage currents to patient:Less than 0.1ma
6.Accompanying accessories:Disposable electrosurgical pencil,Pad,Resuable bipolar forceps,Footswitch,Cable
7.Transpor data:
  a.Dimensions:27*22*13(cm)  b. Gross weight:6.5KGS

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