HYZ-APM5080 Alternating Pressure Mattress with Pump

(12.8cm/5 Nylon TPU Cell)

HYZ-APM5080 is an effective alternating overlay system combined with static therapy mode,By having 17pcs of 12.8cm(5) individual cells inflate and deflate alternatively in cycles,patients receive their adequate pressure relief. The system can be switched to a static mode to facilitate all kinds of nursing procedures including dressing changes.With Air-procedures Dial adjustment,HYZ-APM5080 is easy to use and is recommended for patients at medium risk to high risk of pressure ulcers(Stage I,II,III)

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Product information

Nylon PU Cover with Cotton lining

Biocompatibility,Vapor Permeable&Water

Resistant with CA117 Flame Retardant Level


Cover Reduce ingress of unwanted fluid and can be completely removed for laundry

Ventilated Low-Air-Loss Cells

Wicks moisture away to keep the patient more comfortable


CPR Straps

Quickly deflate the mattress for emergencies

  Alternating function:(Group A and Group B as shown in the picture)

The pump will be inflate and deflate for the cell with cyclicity,to change the contact position between the patient and the that to promote the blood circulation to prevent the bedsore and recovery the bedsore,reduce the patients pain and the nursing labor intensity

Pillow function(Group C as shown in the picture)

The cell of the head position wont be alternating,to provide the most comfortable for the patient

Spring-Loaded Tube

Inside the air tubes,springs are installed to prevent any kink or unwanted bending on the tubes that connects pump and mattress to maintain consistent smooth airflow

Slip-Resistant Elastic

Convenience to fix the mattress and avoid the movement


P3000A2QB Pump

Air-pressure Dial Adjustment

Static mode helps with patient repositioning and all kinds of nursing care

Low pressure alarm feature increases patient safety


Easy-to-use Quick Connector with Transfer Cap

Mattress can be transformed from a powered support surface to a sealed static air mattress. Providing a uniform stable surface for patient transportation


Technical Parameters of The Mattress


5Cell Replacement

5Cell+3Foam Base Pocket Replacement



200×90×12.8+3base pocket

Maximum Patient Weight




1-in-2(Group A&B)/1-in-3(Group A&B&C)Optional

Cell Height


Cover Material

Nylon PU with Cottoning lining

Cell Material

Nylon TPU

Pressure Ulcer Stage




Technical Parameters of The Pump the Most Quiet Pump in China  Model:P3000A2QB



Case Material


Flame Retardant ABS

Supply Voltage



Operating Cycle



Air Output


Output Pressure Range





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