HYZ-H02-LED Operation Light Series


camera system lamp

LED shadow-less camera system is composed of LED operating shadow-less lamp

camera, multimedia computer digital supervision system and display.


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    cold light operation shadow-less lamp

    Genuine cold-light source

     The new LED light, energy saving and eco-friendly, is with Ultra-long service life, up to 30,000 to 50,000 hours

    Outstanding shadow-less effectiveness


    The optimal radian and multi-point designed lamp holder represent much more ideal light spot, so that even partly obscured, shadow-less effectiveness is also perfect.


    Excellent lighting depth


    CAD modularized designed multi-LED-lighting-beam produces lighting depth more than 1,400 mm, with up to160,000 inx of central illumination and 3,500-5.000 k adjustable color temperature close to natural sunlight, to exactly image human tissue colors and completely meet illumination requirements of all kinds of operations


    Advanced LED touch screen interface controlled system


    LED touch screen interface is introduced for adjustment control of power switch, illumination switch, illumination level color temperature, color rendering index and camera focus, to meet medical personnel requirements of variant operation. Several multiplexing centralized controller in same power ensure damage of individual LED does not affect requirement of operating illumination. 


    Universal suspension system

    New alloy constituted, simple constructed suspension system is easy to be controlled and accurately positioned. The most extensive adjustment scope provided by the system is suitable for pendant, wall一mounted and floor-standing lamps meeting requirements of variant operation rooms.






    floor standing interventional shadow-less lamp

    Interventional  lamp with 250 mm of diameter employs flexible mo6ilizable supporting frame, meet requirements of all kinds of hospital outpatient and stringent and first aid condition. Backup power is optional to provide up to 2 hours normal use in power failure condition.

    CAD modularized designed multi-LED-lighting-beam produces up to 40,000 Ix of central illumination and 4000k color temperature close to natural sunlight.


    floor standing interventional shadow-less lamp

    Interventional lamp with 215 mm of diameter employs flexible mobilizable supporting frame, meet requirements of all kinds of hospital outpatient and stringent and first aid condition. It can be used in variant complex conditions. Backup power is optional to provide up t0 2 hours normal

    use in power failure condition.    


    floor standing interventional shadow-less lamp

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