HYZ3001 ENT Diagnostics set


ENT Diagnostic Set  HYZ3001


HYZ3002  Otoscope


HYZ3004  Ophthalmoscope

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    Product information

    +Ageing.resistant chrome-plated metal head 
    +Sealed system for performing pneumatic otoscopy

     +Bayonet connector fpr quick and secure attachment to handle


    +Including ear specula with stainless steel fitting 2,3 and 4 mm.


    Swivel lens

    +Simple to attach and Swivel 360o    

    Cover glass

    +With sturdy plastic frame and adapter for the pneumatic test.
    +Simple to attach to the otoscope    head  by inserting and turning  


    +With HL 2.5V halogen lamp .similar to daylight,  + Effortless exchange of the lamp by means of simple push-fit mechanism at the base of the instrument head

    Focussing wheel with corrective lenses

    Aperture with large circle for examination of the fundus of the eye


    +Bayonet connector fpr quick and secure attachment to handle



    +Available with HL 2.5V halogen lamp,similar to daylight.                                

    Nasal speculum  

    +Ageing-resistant chrome-plated metal speculum 
    +For fitting to the otoscope head  

    Tongue blade holder

    +Made of stainless steel,durable and sturdy
    +Simple attachment to the bent arm illuminator

    Laryngeal mirror

    +Two larngeal mirrors 20mm and 22 mm for illuminating and mirror examination of the  laryngeal area 
    +Simple to  attach to the bent arm illuminator

    Bent arm illuminator

    +With 2.5V halogen lamp
    +Chrome-plated metal,durable and sturdy.

    +Bayonet connector for  fast  and secure attachment to the handle .
    + Simple exchange of the lamp at the front of  the bent arm illuminator


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