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    Diagnostic wall mount system HYZ1050

    Diagnostic wall mount system HYZ1000


    Diagnostic wall mount system HYZ1102

    3.5V coaxial Ophthalmoscope :

    Coaxial optics enable easy entry into undilated pupils for more accurate diagnoses, while two filter selections provide optimum light levels entering healthy eyes and those with cataracts

    1.Coaxial optics enables easy entry into undilated pupils through  precise lamp filament and optical alignment 2.3.5V Halogen lamp provides light output for true tissue color and consistent,long-lasting illumination

    3.28 lenses from 0D±1D±2D±3D±4D±5D±6D±7D±8D±9D±01D±12D±15D±20D-25D+40D4.18 unique aperture/filter combinations for greater versatility


    3.5V fiber Otoscope

    1.>2.0x maginification,

    2.Halogen bulb

    3.Sealed system for pneumatic otoscopy and accurate ,diagnosis of otitis media

    4. Swivelling Wide-angle viewing lens allows for instrumentation,under magnification



    1.Dual scale dial face provides, unmatched accuracy,

    2.Maximum error tolerance of +/-3 mmHg,

    3.Spacious basket on the reverse side for tubes and cuffs ,Precision mechanism mounted on a special support, in order to ensure complete stability of the measuring system and the zero-point

    4.The dial can rotate the angle of the left and right 65°,Latex and Mercury Free


    485Wall Mount transformer

    1.Automatic switching on/off of handles when removing or replacing them in the handle unit saves energy and increases the service life of the lamps.

    2.Provides a constant 3.5V output voltage independent of mains ,voltage fluctuations.

    3.Advanced,ergonomic handle design. Continuous brightness,control on the handle. Quality spiral cords with  comfortable,working radius of up to 3 m. Instrument locks as standard, equipment prevent unauthorised removal.

    4.Maximum  Power Input:1.5W

    5.Electrical Safety Standard:  IEC60601.1    Class I


    Ear Therometer

    1.Improved accuracy and repeatability through a preheated probe tip and sensor

    2.Probe cover detection system ensures precise infrared heat transfer for accurate temperatures

    3.Easy-to-read,LCD displays temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius

    4.LCD display with backlighting for easy reading-even in the dark

    5.Automatic switch-off

    6.Optional wall placed boxes


    Specula Dispenser for all specifications

    1.For OT8C mini otoscope and 3.5V Fiber Otoscope

    2.The dispenser holds all specula sizes  within a series, prepares,  a clean new  specula  for each and every patient

    3.Dispenser is available with and without a storage compartment


    Accessories for option:

    Reusable ear-specula

    1.Reusable tips.autoclavable at up to 134,10 minutes.

    2.Made of high-density Polypropylene with smooth internal finish

    3.Positive locking design,firm fit to the otoscope head

    4.Compatible with 3.5V fiber otoscope

           Ф4.2mm                              Ф2.7mm

    Insufflation Bulb

    1.compatible with 3.5V Fiber Otoscope

    2.compatible with OT8C Fiber Otoscope


    Packing Information:Net Weight:9kg  Dimension:890mm×230mm×300mm

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