Engineered for increasingly complex surgical scenes, Hyz-E800 comes with extreme loads in any position.The modular structure enables it to be adapted to match the size of the patient and in no time at all it can be equipped for any surgical discipline. A longitudinal shift of up to 310mm makes the Hyz-E800 even more versatile。With the characteristics of high automation,low noise and high reliability, Hyz-E800 can be regard as an ideal electro-hydraulic operating table.

Key words:

Universal operating table; Operation table; Surgical table; General surgery;  Orthopedic surgery; Electro-hydraulic; X-ray transparent;Obesity table 

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    Product information

    Modular design:

    The modular structure of the table top is tailored for various surgical discipline needs ,which also can low down the cost of the hospital. The mounting points at the head and foot end have an “easy click ” lock and simplify the quick replacement of socket-mounted modules without the use of time-consuming screw connections.

    1.Longitudinal slide up to 310mm for free access to C-arm without need to reposition the patient.
    2.Extreme weight load capacity of 350 kg with highest safety and  stability.
    3.Modular design tabletop tailored for various surgical discipline needs.
    4.The Easy click new mounting point enables the table adapted to wide variety of surgery and patients’ height.
    5.Memory pad with antistatic ,waterproof design.
    6.Standard override panel control makes the control safer.
    7.Maximum and minimum heights of the E800 ,for comfortable working ,both seated and standing.

    Technical Data


    Tabletop Length/width


    Tabletop Elevation(up/down)




    lateral tilt (left and right)


    Head plate adjustment


    Leg  plate  adjustment

    electric up:≥80°

    electric down:≥90°

    manual down ≥90°

    manual outward:≥90°

    Back plate adjustment

    Up:≥80°/ down:≥42°



    Kidney Bridge  






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