HYZ-5318 Gynaecological Examination chair

It is for the women delivery,urinary,and women examing.The adjustable of the table height is hydraulic controlled by foot controller,has the function of back-section raise,trendleburg and reverse trendleburg,which is controlled by the aluminum alloy crank ,Equiped with assistant table ,changeable dimension of bed ,suitable for fixing the sew machine and stable for doctor operation.High efficiency because of the adjustable bed position.

Dimension of bed surface: 1320mm × 600 mm ( L × M )

assistant table 1880 mm ( L )

Height adjustable:low 690 mm,high 940 mm

Trendleburg and reverse trendleburg:dowm-8 ° , up-20 °

Accessory.Arm supporter 1set .Leg supporter 1set .Hand tractor 1set .Secondary station(Optional) 1set

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