HYZ-C101A03 LDR beds (low position)

●HYZ-C101A03 Low Position Obstetric Table is designed and manufactured to meet the consumers’ needs and desires.

●The original position of the table is very low,which guarantees the lying-woman to get on/down the bed much safer and convenient. Besides, it’s machinery structure and the electric controlling system have absorbed and taken advantage of it’s former pattern, and did some improvement upon the consumers’ suggestions.

●The key part of the power system adoptsimported motor, Denmark's LINAK, which issafe and stable.

●The backboard and the seat board can work together with alinkage structure. When the back section turn to a desired position, the seat sectioncan adjust to a reasonable angle to make the puerperant more comfortable the meantime.

●The leg supports can be hidden to save the time to assemble ordetach. Large-sized wheel under the base makes the table fix stable, move flexible,and transfer the patient conveniently.

●The low-head --- high-foot is designed for emergency bleeding of pregnant women.

Technical Parameters

Beddimension including bed end and bumper wheel: Length1930mm,width 940mm

Beddimension: Length 1815mm,width 780mm

Bedheight: lowest≤580mm, highest≥860mm (exclude the cushion)

Backsection turning:  ≥60°

Seatsection turning: ≥10°


Legsection up/down movement:100mm

Footrestswing out: ≥45°

Footrestfolding: ≥45°

Guardrail up/down movement: 360mm

Castordia.: 125mm

Standard Accessories

Leg holder  1 pair

Filth basin  1 piece

I.V. stand  1 piece

Hand control    1 piece

Power cord   1 piece

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