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    Product information

    1.Plug-in modular design, various optional parameters,Direct display, easy to operate

    2.17"colorful and clear TFT display,Touch screen optional

    3.Able to operate by keyboard or optional mouse.Supporting HD, VGA, BNC output

    4.Any integration for single parameter module or multi-parameter module

    5.1 single modular slot and 1 double modular slot,Simultaneous display of at least 10 parameters

    6.13 kinds of arrhythmia analysis,ECG waveforms of 7-lead displayed simultaneously

    8.15 kinds of drug dose calculation


    Clinical Monitoring Applications

    Suitable for ICU/CCU, Operation Room, Post-operative Observation Ward,Emergency Roam,&General Wards, etc.


    Standard Parameters: ECG, RESP, NIBP, SP02, PR, TEMP

    Optional:IBP, ETC02 modular, CO, EEG, AG, etc.


    Advanced Technology

    Anti-electrosurgical,anti-defibrillation,suitable for critical care monitoring

    Reliable Sp02 technology,good performance under the condition of motion and low perfusion.

    Powerful software safe and stable

    1.Display of 1000 hours trend data and graphs

    2.Review of 48 hours full waveform

    3.Data store upon power failure

    4.Complicated information processing ability

    5.NIBP dual over pressure protection

    6.Wired/wireless connection

    7.Supporting SD card, 4 USB interfaces

    8.Various input

    9.Able to operate by keyboard or optional mouse

    Standard Configuration

    ECG Cable: 1 piece

    TEMP Probe: 1 piece

    NIBP Cuff: 1 piece

    NIBP Extension Tube: 1 piece

    SP02 Probe: 1 piece

    Power Cable: 1 piece

    ECG Electrodes: 20 pieces

    Powerful software for complicated

    information processing

    Supporting SD card, 8 USB interfaces

    High Standard,High-quality Battery

    Built-in detachable rechargeable lithium battery

    Long battery life-4.5 hours

    Minihost Transport Monitor

    Plug-in Modular Design

    17" TFT display

    Touch screen optional, able to operate by keyboard or optional mouse

    Built-in Recorder

    Able to print real-time waveforms

    Durable Trim Knob

    Omni-directional visible design,

    3 levels of audible, visual, and audio alarm,

    Dual alarm light for physiological and technical alarm

    Various Clinical Interfaces

    Standard interface

    Trend graphs

    Bigfont interface

    OxyCRG interface

    ECG standard interface

    Full 7 lead ECG waveform interface

    Trends interface, easy to observe trends of each parameter.

    Oxy CRG interface, more intuitive and centralized display of specific parameters

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