H8 Patient Monitor

Optional: Carbon dioxide of the expiration tip, invasive blood pressure, touch screen, child (infant) components,and recorder

Double invasive blood


Adopting double-channel

measurement, and realizing

continuous testing blood

pressure variation of severe




Be convenient for conducting

analysis and filing for patient's

conditions at any time and

any place.


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    Product information

    1.Detection parameters: ECG/heart rate, noninvasive blood pressure/pulse rate, oxygen saturation,respiration, pulse, and body temperature.

    2.Color TFT 12.1 inch LCD HD Monitor.

    3.Enjoy patented technology of the blood pressure measurement.

    4.Portable, suitable for bedside, ICU guardianship, CCU monitoring.

    5.Anti-defibrillation, the anti electric knife.

    6.ECG digital filtering.

    7.Operating system has Chinese / English etc, 14 languages.

    8.Blood pressure storage and playback of 8000 groups above.

    9.Run chart storage and playback more than 680 hours.

    10.Alarm event storage and playback of 200 groups.

    11.Wave form storage and playback of 12 hours.

    12.Embedded with high capacity of rechargeable batteries,AC and DC.

    13Be able to connect with central monitoring system, support wire and wireless networking, system software supports network upgrading.

    14.Possessing drag density calculation, breathe oxygen and figure, and ST analysis

    Standard interface diagram

    Clear st analysis, providing more

    comprehensive diagnosis information

    Full lead interface

    7 lead/12 lead real time same-screen

    display, be convenient for medical staff to

    observe patient's dynamics in whole period

    Tendency diagram

    According to the requirements of clinics,

    capture data of different period for

    retrospective analysis

    Big interface diagram

    Be convenient for medical staff to observe

    patient's conditions from a great distance.

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