H6 Patient Monitor

Standard parameter: ECG,respiration, oxygen saturation, noninvasive blood pressure, body temperature and pulse

Optional: Recorder invasive blood pressure, and touch screen

Diversified installation solutions

Including wall mounted, cart, and handle, dainty and exquisite, convenient and portable


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    Product feature

    1.Color TFT 8 inch LCD HD Monitor, inherit classics 

    2.Anti-defibrillation, the anti electric knife, ECG digital filtering

    3.Operating system has Chinese/English etc, 12 languages Embedded with high capacity of chargeable battery, applicable both in AC and DC

    4.Be able to connect with central monitoring system, support wire and wireless networking

    5.System software supports network upgrading

    6.Enjoy patented technology of the blood pressure measurement

    7.Shim and smart appearance, comprehensive functions, weights only 3.2kg, light weight and portable

    Alarming system

    Sound, light, and language triple alarm, effective in reducing error reporting, triple alarm, more safer and more responsible

    Powerful storage

    1.Blood pressure storage and playback of 6000 groups above

    2.Run chart storage and playback more than 500 hours

    3.Alarm event storage and playback of 200 groups

    4.Wave form storage and playback of 12 hours


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