L8M/L8Me Fetal/Maternal Monitor

10.2" TFT display


1.10.2"TFT color screen ,high resolution. Folding up 90 degree

2.Build in long life 152mm thermal printer

3.Special high sensitive probe.

4.Long time data storage which can be played back and printed

5.Rechargeable battery many hours work

6.DSP technology, Real time identifying and measurement for FHR ,accurate and reliable results

7.Automatic Fetal Movement Detection and Accounting

8.Central Monitoring System

9.CTG Scoring system:Krebs score and Fischer score

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    Product information

     Transducer:  Multi-crystals, wide wave beam,pulsed-wave working mode
     Strength  <5mW/cm2
    Working Frequency 1.0MHz


    Measurement Range 0-100 units
    Display: 10.2" TFT LCD
    Dimension 295Dx293Wx92H(mm)
    Net Weight 1.75kg


    Touchscreen function

    L8M optional with L8M6 (NIBP,PR,SpO2}) and L8M9(NIBP,PR,SpO2,HR,ECG,TEMP)

    FAS (Fetal Acoustic Stimulator)

    Twins FHR Measurement

                     L8M Wired Probe                                             L8Me Wireless Probe




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